On The Come Up: Drenge

Grunge and punk have had incredible grip on music for decades. Each year there is a slew of new bands trying to break out just like bands such as Nirvana and Soundgarden did in the '90s. One promising band to rise out of all these new rock bands is Drenge. This two-piece alternative band is made up of lead guitarist and vocalist, Eoin Loveless, and his younger brother, Rory, who is the drummer. Drenge has a retro garage rock sound that brings back the rebellious energy of rock music from the past. Drenge's self-titled debut album was released on Aug.19, 2013, and contains a catalog of solid grunge rock songs.

One of my favorite tracks on this album has to be "Bloodsports" with its crunchy and pulsing guitar riff coupled along with an unrelenting and forceful drum beat. The lyrics to the song itself are cryptic but that only helps the song to do exactly what it's designed to do. It drags you into a chaotic and confusing realm where the only thing left to do is let yourself be carried away. At the end of it all you're left thinking, "what did I just listen to? That was AWESOME."

Another notable song on the album would have to be "Backwaters". A menacing guitar riff is combined with an ethereal vocal performance by Loveless to start the track. However, this moment of peace at the beginning only serves to create a satisfying release of furiously vibrant energy. The attacks by the guitar and drums intensify and lessen throughout the song until finally it boils to an end.

Drenge definitely carries a great amount of potential as evidenced by the quality of this album. Their songs carry an energy that has been missing from rock music in general for many years, and I look forward to hearing what they will produce in the future.

Check out Drenge's website: http://www.drenge.co.uk/

-Samuel Figuera

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