Swamp Records: New Artist?

The week is finally here, and no we’re not talking about the upcoming election, but the new artist reveal for Swamp Records, the UF run record label. After months of deliberation and discussion, the main heads at Swamp Records have finally decided on which artist to sign.

Swamp Records, UF's student-run record label, explores and promotes the music scene on campus and in the Gainesville community and provides opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in the industry.

One of the most exciting things that Swamp Records has done this year is help their signed artist Flat Land win Okeechobee's contest last year to earn them a spot playing on the main stage at the festival. It was really awesome to see the hard work of the staff member's pay off for one of our artists in such a huge way, and it was so cool to see our band get such high recognition.

This year, we had 50 artists apply from Gainesville and around Florida. We wanted to find an artist that was different enough from current flagship artists to expand our reach but would still do well with our audience. I believe we started in Spring 2014. We've had three artists for the majority of the time but mutually parted ways with Bells & Robes at the end of spring semester and decided to have open submissions for our next artist.

Make sure to keep updated on social media with the Swamp Records accounts to find out who the artist is!

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