Heartwood Soundstage: Reshaping Live Music

Heartwood Soundstage is set to be the latest addition to Gainesville’s already booming local music scene. What was originally supposed to be a small, acoustic recording space has quickly become not only one of the newest, most anticipated recording studios in Gainesville, but also a venue that will change how live music is experienced forever.

“Sound first,” seems to be Heartwood’s creator’s mantra, and it is certainly what the construction of the new venue is based around. Focusing on the acoustics of the main room before anything else, the quality of the music being heard and experienced was priority number one in the pre-construction phase.

Not only do the founders of Heartwood want the quality of music to be the highest fidelity possible but they also want to ensure that the audience’s main reason for coming out is the music. “It’s going to look great and it’s going to sound great” says co-founder Dave Melosh.They are attempting to do what many live performance recordings fall short on: filming and recording a live set that showcases the quality and talent of the performers while immersing a live audience. With two separate rooms being used as different ways to experience the performances, audience members have the ability of choosing what kind of environment they want to be in.

The main stage is set to be strictly for experiencing the band perform, where minimal talking will be allowed for optimal immersion in the music and to make the recording of the set as crisp as it can be. Another room, closed off from the main stage area, will be set up for people to watch the artists perform on monitors, grab a drink, talk to everyone there, and even watch the sound engineers do their mixing.

Speaking to two of the founders of Heartwood gave me a special glimpse into the true passion and drive they have to make Heartwood that perfect blend of intimate performances between artist and audience. Setting a new standard for capturing live performances, I sincerely believe that Heartwood will change the way audiences experience music, whether they’re right in front of the band or watching a live stream of the performance

What better way to showcase the new venue than having the grand opening also be the first annual Heartwood Music Festival! From February 25th to the 26th, come and experience some of Florida’s most talented musicians kick things off right for Heartwood.

The festival is presented by Springbok Booking & Media and Swamp Records and partnered with Active Streets Alliance, Active Streets Gainesville, and Chimera Fest. Also, one dollar from every ticket sale will be going to the amazing nonprofit, Future Music Makers.

You can get all the information on the festival, its lineup, and Heartwood Soundstage here:


- Dillon Harris

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