Retrolux and Rayah at the High Dive

This past Thursday, Swamp Records’ own Retrolux performed at the High Dive and it was an amazing show! For those of you who don’t know, Retrolux is a two-person musical group that performs “eclectic and modern electric tunes”. The band’s website explains that they, “craft a blend of raw, hard-hitting beats with a gentle, indie-electronic sound that guides listeners through soundscapes varying from ethereal and dreamy, to beat-driven and punchy.” To me, the combination of the lead singer’s beautiful and sharp voice with the electronic rhythms creates a harmony that is unlike any other.

The group that opened for Retrolux was a band named Rayah. This group was reminiscent of a fantasy rock mashup of Rush and Tame Impala. With only three band members, it is much more difficult and yet more impressive to create such a great rocking sound that wasn’t too overbearing for the casual rock fan, but hard enough for a metalhead like myself.


Retrolux came out around 10:45 and had an awesome performance. The variation of lights and colors during the performance helped enhance the visual aspect of the show. For instance, after introducing the song, “Fire”, all the lights turned a dark shade of red. After performing some of their classic songs, including “Silhouettes and Daydreams” (which they just released a music video to here), Retrolux played “Tainted Love”, a classic song from the 1980s. This shows the group’s musical talents and their range when it comes to songs they can perform.

If you haven’t yet been to the High Dive in your time at Gainesville, you should definitely take the trip because it is well worth it. They have concerts and performances almost every other night, so there’s a high probability that you’ll be able to see someone perform that you’ll enjoy. Known as “Gainesville’s Home for Live Music”, the High Dive was recently ranked on the list of the “100 Greatest American Music Venues”. The size of the concert stage and dance floor  well as the variety of bookings makes the High Dive a must-go destination for all Gainesville-ites. Or Gainesvillians? Not really sure.

-Daniel Chiarelli

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