Flipturn- Showcase Interview 2017

Following the release of their EP, “Heavy Colors,” the members of the indie garage rock band, Flipturn, sat down with The Florida Basement to talk about the release and what it means to them. Though originally from Fernandina Beach, the group has truly made a name for themselves in the Gainesville music scene. So much so that they’ve landed a spot on Swamps Record’s Showcase lineup alongside artists like R.LUM.R and Twelve’len.

Is there a sort of obsession with the West Coast, or California in general?

Dillon Basse (Lead vocals and rhythm guitar): I don’t know, I guess so. It’s in the lyrics for sure, there’s definitely some strong pull there.

Was there something you guys did differently when recording this EP, as compared to recording your single?

Basse: With the single we were just focusing on one song, we weren’t focusing on a bunch of them. But with the EP, we were going back and forth between each song in the recording studio.

Taylor Allen (Synth): Yeah, it took us a while, we definitely had to learn the value of patience, because with Cartoon Head it was just one song and then we were done. But, because of our schedules, we definitely had to make time to do it – we can’t do it all in one go usually.

Do you guys have favorites off the album?

Adrian Walker (Drums): Beep, because I have a cool drum part.

Basse: Chicago is my favorite.

Allen: Hypoxia.

Tristan Duncan (Lead Guitar): I like Hypoxia a lot.

Jarman: I like Vanilla.

Can you speak more to what Chicago means to you guys?

Basse: It was really inspired by someone who showed me, don’t live the structured life – get married, have kids, and then done. So many people say they’re going to go out and do something, and they never do it. They tell themselves their whole lives their going to do it, and don’t. Personally, Chicago is a metaphor, I’ve never even been to Chicago, and I just used it as a random metaphor for somewhere I’ve never been.

Madeline Jarman (Bass): Yeah, just wanting to get out and travel. We all were born and raised in pretty much the same town.

I definitely got a more emotional vibe from Hypoxia, was there any reason you chose to close with it?

Basse: When we wrote that, we were all like, “Whoa, we just wrote that.” That’s one of our oldest songs actually.

Allen: When we wrote that we were driving around after dinner, and we had our little voice memos recording and we were just like “Wow, did we just write that?”

Basse: Yeah we decided, the first gig we ever played here we’d close with that one because that was our favorite song, and since then we’ve just kept closing with it.

Allen: I feel like it embodies us as a band.

Basse: It does, it’s like a journey of a song.

Who are you guys listening to right now?

Jarman: My favorite band is Hippo Campus. I’m really inspired by them, they’re all really young – like 22, 21.They’re just really cool dudes, and I look up to them. Some of our music has hints of inspiration from them.

Basse: I like a lot of folky music.

Duncan: I’m a jazz guy.

There’s a lot of music dropping in 2017, do you guys have any albums you’re anticipating most?

Walker: Gorillaz, Mac Demarco.

Allen: The Mange released a new album yesterday, and that’s all I’ve been listening to.

Duncan: Real Estate’s new album is pretty good.

Have there been any big differences between playing in your hometown and here in Gainesville?

Basse: Fernandina is very different, it’s a tiny island that’s stuck in like the 70’s and 60’s.

Allen: Yeah, it hasn’t changed since the 90’s, and it’s just a bunch of retired people. Everyone knows everyone. We’ve actually only played one show in Jacksonville.

Basse: And it was awesome, a lot of people that can’t make the trip to Gainesville came to that.

Pineapple: pizza topping or nah?

Jarman: It's a sensitive topic for us, but... four of us think that pineapple is for the weak. Even Gordon Ramsey agrees

Their EP is available on all major music platforms. Hear it live at Swamp Records’ Showcase April 19th at Heartwood Soundstage.

-Dillon Harris

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