The Delta Troubadours- Showcase Interview 2017

By this time, a strong majority of Gainesville locals know The Delta Troubadours. For the past two years, these guys have been running the Gainesville music scene with their bluesy, classic rock sounds. I was able to exchange a few emails with the band, and got a few questions answered by the “de facto front man and question answer-er,” Gytis.

You guys showcased two new songs recently at High Dive, should people be expecting the album in the next few months? 

We've been in the process of recording and mixing over the past three months, and we've certainly got some new material on the way. People can probably expect at least a single before the summertime, but we may just pull a Daft Punk and wait 9 years between releases.

I know you've looked into playing a bunch of other festivals over 2017, do you prefer festivals to smaller shows? What are the biggest differences?  

Whether a festival or a show at a venue, we just really enjoy playing shows with engaged crowds. We've had shows at festivals that have made us feel like the biggest rock band in the world and we've had shows at small clubs that make us feel the same way. You definitely get a more diverse crowd at festivals and usually have a chance to snag a few new fans because people will stumble on your set, while they generally don't just stumble into a concert at a venue. And it's hard to beat some of the perks of playing at a festival (i.e. Free beer). The nice part about playing at venues, however, is you know that people showed up to watch you play, as opposed to just see some of the bigger acts like the ones we've been on bills with (pretty sure Kings of Leon, Usher and Flume were a bigger draw to Okeechobee than we were).

How does it feel to be expanding your reach out of Florida, and into the greater Southeast? 

It feels like it's about time. We've got some plans to get out and about the South this summer. Once those dates are locked in, we'll be contacting the mayors of each city to let them know to warn any of their respective citizens who don't know how to rock 'n' roll to get ready for the thunder (but if they'd like to learn to rock, we'll gladly teach them).

You're playing at Showcase on the 19th, do you have some favorite artists from the lineup? 

R.LUM.R is wicked talented, we're stoked he's on the bill. The Savants are always a treat, and Fae's new project Animal Prince is real cool. Of course, there's tons of good music in Gainesville so we're just happy to be a part of an event showcasing all of it.

I know you guys are from Tampa, what's it like playing there compared to here in Gainesville? 

Tampa's usually an older crowd, with Gainesville being a college town and all[the Tampa natives all met in high school, and Garsys, Jon Franklin (bass), and Ian Heausler (lead guitar) later went to the University of Florida]. We've still got really close ties to that city, have a good solid fan base there and it's always a treat to play shows there because we usually get home cooked meals from our parents. I like to think that our home as a band is, figuratively, somewhere on that strip of I-75 from Tampa to Gainesville. We usually have way more drunk people at our shows in Gainesville, which is great for us because drunk people love to get engaged in our music and sets (and we'd like to think that keeps them from getting engaged in reckless or criminal behavior. Just our way of giving back to the community).

Any new bands you've been jamming to recently? 

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Period.

Finally, a very important question: What do each of you think of pineapple on pizza?

Whether or not the other guys in the band have an opinion or not, pineapple is great on pizza. People that try to tell me it's not are probably dealing with some weird insecurities stemming from some bad pizza experience as kids or in past lives. I don't get caught up in that, though. At the end of the day, pizza is pizza and it's a real blessing to humanity. Pineapple or not, just be glad the question isn't "Should canned tuna be on pizza or not?" like it is in some parts of the world (if that's your thing, own that, just not for me).

-Dillon Harris

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