Twelve’Len Returns to Gainesville

Sunflowers are in bloom again, and in kind, Twelve’Len returns to Gainesville this Saturday from 7pm to 2am at the Always True Co. Basement (124 SW 23rd Street).

The Miami native will make his second appearance in the city following an April concert plagued by scheduling conflicts and venue oversight.

During Swamp Records’ 2017 Spring Showcase, miscommunication between Swamp and the city left the festival without necessary noise permits. Shuffled performances and quick-minded accommodations meant Twelve’Len — the event’s headliner — would perform a late, shortened show for a slightly confused audience. He dazzled those in attendance with warm vocals rolled over 808s and acoustic guitar, but it was an improper introduction to Gainesville’s eager music scene.

Thankfully, just as he left an impression on us, we left one on him.

Twelve’Len returns before a duo of nationally recognized events: Miami’s III Points and Austin City Limits, and promises to deliver again, this time with two new singles and a summer of work under his belt.

So catch him this Saturday. We at our homes away from home this Summer look forward to visit number three.

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