Welcome to our humble abode. The Florida Basement is your one stop shop for all things Florida music related. Founded and happily situated in the swamplands of Gainesville, Florida, The Florida Basement is a collection of UF students and alumni that, after falling in love with all things local, decided to start a website that covers the colorful, organic, and beautifully eclectic musical happenings in the Sunshine State.

We here at the Basement also recognize that music is a universal tongue, and will intermittently review albums, write articles, and cover topics of widespread significance.

You also may have noticed that our website has employed a dark gray-scale layout rather than the virtually omnipresent white. Because whatever glowing rectangular device you read on uses significantly less battery power displaying dark colors than bright, we decided on this color scheme to reduce energy use.

Importantly, we here at The Florida Basement cover a lot of the activities and goings-on of bands in the Swamp Records roster. Every member of the Basement's staff has worked in Swamp Records, Gainesville’s only student-run record label, at some point in their lives. It has provided all of us with an opportunity to immerse ourselves in a local scene that is as organic as it is vibrant. Swamp Records is a collection of Gainesville’s most talented and intensely passionate group of people who are constantly striving to accelerate the careers of their artists, color the Gainesville music scene, and explore musical artistry.

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